What makes us unique?

These socks were developed with comfort and function in mind.  The concept was developed by a board certified dermatologist, and the mechanical design was made by a family team of sock manufacturers who have been in the business of making socks for decades.  The socks are made of a combination of polyester, nylon and spandex, but the fabrics used in the feet are different from the fabrics used in the leg.  This fabric distribution makes the feet feel comfortable and cushioned, and it allows compression in the leg to be durable over many months.  The compression also starts in the feet and gradually decreases up to the top of the sock so that the top of the sock doesn’t squeeze too much and restrict fluid flow back up the leg.  These socks are designed to provide 15-20mmHg of compression, making them perfect for everyday use.  They’re great for jobs requiring standing all day, such as doctors, nurses, teachers, and flight attendants.  They’re also good for jobs requiring prolonged sitting when you’re unable to elevate the legs.  And they’re perfect for travel on long car rides or long flights. The fabrics are sourced responsibly from a US-based fabric company, and the socks are manufactured locally in Hickory, NC.